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FRP Cable Trays

FRP Cable Trays
FRP Cable Trays FRP Cable Trays
Cable Trays are used to support power cables & control cables for indoor & outdoor application.GI/MS cable Trays erode, corrode and spread heat, thus lead to power interruptions. SUPREME FRP cable Trays are safe, durable and cost effective for routing & supporting cables. Manufactured as per NEMA BIS/Consultants specification, SUPREME FRP Cable Trays are available in the following Type :

Ladder Type FRP Cable Trays
Two Longitudinal side rails connected by rungs at regular intervals.

Trough Type FRP Cable Trays
Structures with solid perforated bottom with integral or separate longitudinal side rails.

Channel Type FRP Cable Trays
Structures with a solid or perforated bottom with integral side rails.

Unique Features:
  • Excellent weather ability – UV Stabilized
  • Fire retardant
  • Non – magnetic
  • No   corrosion , no chemical erosion
  • Maintenance Free
  • Light weight
  • High Load bearing capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for horizontal, vertical layout
  • Load bearing capacity

SUPREME FRP cable Tray have bearing capacity similar to G.I / M.S Cable Tray. The Load Bearing capacity complies to NEMA / BIS / consultants requirements and customers needs

Manufacturing Process
SUPRME FRP sections are manufactured from an advanced formulation of thermosetting polyester resin with fiber glass reinforcement on state of the art – electronically controlled pultrusion plant. SUPREME FRP Cable Trays are fabricated using SUPREME FRP Sections wherever applicable. S.S rivets & S.S hardware are used.  Ready to use prefabricated FRP cable Trays & FRP accessories are supplied in the sizes as per the needs of the customers.

SUPRME FRP Cable Trays are coming in standard pack of two tray packed one over the other. SUPREME FRP Cable Trays cab be easily carried as head load.

SUPREME FRP Cable Trays cab be stored indoor or outdoor. FRP cable Trays should be sacked layer by layer in crisscross direction & items of one size should be kept in a stack.

SUPREME FRP Cable Trays are suitable for indoor & outdoor use in all climatic conditions. They may be horizontally laid as in a cable channel along with roof beams. Alternatively FRP Cable Tray may be vertically laid along walls or on structure. The cable Trays should be supported on M S wall bracket or hanger. Separate support should be provided for accessories like elbows, tees cross joints etc. Maximum span between supports should be 2.0 Meters to limit deflection.

For installation, pick one pack of SUPREME FRP Cable Trays, hoist/locate on support structure, open the packing and shift top tray to its location and joint  both the trays with coupler plate. 
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