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I PVC Cable Trays

PVC Cable Trays
PVC-Cable-Tray PVC-Cable-Tray
PVC Cable Trays
PVC-Cable-Tray PVC-Cable-Tray
The “SHITAL “ make PVC Cable Tray, supports & other described in this brochure provide a very economical and completely non-corrodible system for cable installations.

Characteristics  of “SHITAL” make PVC cable Trays:
Range Width  = 50 mm to 500 mm.
Flange Height  = 25 to 100 mm.
Standard Length  = 3 Meters.


Chemical Resistance
Unaffected by most acids, alkalis and most commonly used chemicals such as ammonia, petrol, hydrogen, potassium chlorate, phosphorous, soap, sodium, sulphate etc.

Linear Expansion
1/10,000th unit per degree C. Based upon this constant temperature rise of 42 degrees C would increase the length of a 3 meter (9.8 ft) Tray by 12.7 mm(0.5”)

Working Temperature
From -40 C to + 50 C (-40F to + 122F)

Self extinguishing and non – inflammable for all practical purposes.

Can be cut with ordinary saw. Light to handle. (Specific gravity 1.4) Holes cab be drilled with ordinary hand drills. No sharp edges are left after cutting.

Unaffected by sunlight (Ultra – violet) or water and in use compares favorable with all alternatives.

Jointing of Trays
Each end of tray is socket ed so jointing is easy WITHOUT coupler plate.

Type available

top PVC Cable Trays
I "SHITAL" make PVC Cable Trays Accessories
Type-R Horizontal Bend
Type-A Horizontal Reducer
Type - TR Horizontal 3 Way “T”
Normally not required as all accessories cab be fabricated from cable tray at site by simple hacksaw cutting & bending at room temperature. If need be horizontal fitting like Reducer, Bend T and cross (4 way) can be supplied. SHITAL make PVC Cable Trays Accessories are manufactured in "One Piece Moulding.
Rigid PVC Supporting Bracket
PVC Cable Trays
PVC-Cable-Tray Rigid PVC Supporting
Used for supporting rigid PVC cable tray or directly laying/supporting cables. Molded from PVC & suitable up to 300 mm width cable Tray.
Quite comparable with GI Perforated cable tray up to 300 mm width, but slightly expensive comparing with GI ladder type trays.
BUT considering the rising Metal prizes and  No Maintenance cost for fairly  long time, these trays are economical.
We are sure with changing work culture of preventative maintenance use of “SHITAL” make PVC cable Trays is the right answer.
PVC Slotted Angle
Shital Make PVC Slotted Angles are made of 45 mm X 45 mm X 3 mm thick with Punched holes on both the sides. Various applications like Extra legs , Cabinets etc this angles are made from PVC which is anti corrosive in natural and are easy to cut at site


  • Size: 45 mm X 45 mm
  • Material: Rigid PVC
  • Color: Grey
  • Application: Extra Legs For Support
  • Special Features: Suitable to replace corrosive angle . Light weight , easy to handle.
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